At Malouf Construction, we believe the safety of our employees, our customer’s employees, and the public is both a moral obligation and good business. Today our approach to safety includes a three-prong effort:

  1. Compliance Based Safety – Following both internal and outside (OSHA, EM 385, etc.) guidelines
  2. Best Practices – Methods unique to our work force – 100% tie-off, deep excavation safety, etc.
  3. Being a Continuous Learning Organization – Continuous training in hazard recognition and avoidance, safety consideration during design, learning from near misses (or good catches), close calls and minor incidence, etc.

While compliance and best practices will always be part of our efforts, currently our corporate safety director’s primary task is to transition our firm into a continuous learning organization with a focus on empowering each employee with the training to recognize and avoid hazards that could injure them, their coworkers or other visiting our project sites. We challenge our people not only to recognize and avoid hazards, but to continuously question if current safety methods are sufficient to avoid a life changing injury or fatality. Recognizing different hazards come with changing sites, Malouf prepares a project specific safety plan for each project which includes subcontractors if applicable. Malouf utilizes both in-house and third party safety consultants and creates an annual Risk Improvement Plan to provide focus for our training efforts. In 2006 we joined a captive insurance group, now consisting of 38 best in class contractors primarily located in MS, AL, and LA. This peer group approach to safety has helped us improve our efforts.

Quality Control and Assurance

Quality is never negotiable. Poor initial quality will always negatively impact our schedule and cost. Malouf Construction’s Quality Control Plans are always project specific with an emphasis on the definable features of the work. Ensuring that all personnel visualize the completed construction is imperative. As with safety, quality is best achieved through training and empowering the men and women in the field. Third party checks of critical installations are always performed by Malouf’s in-house field engineering crews immediately prior to installations.

Project Schedules

Once a project begins, a CPM schedule is prepared using Primavera P6 scheduling software and with input from all team members, Malouf creates a project baseline schedule designed to meet or improve the owner supplied milestone and completion dates. The schedule is updated as the project progresses and logic changes as required by developments in the field, supply information and other events on the project. Short interval scheduling at the project site ensures production is adequate to maintain the schedule.

Reporting and Communications

Effective communication with our clients is something we take great pride in at Malouf Construction. Malouf operates on a completely transparent basis with its clients and provides detailed reporting as required by the owner of each project. Project meetings are scheduled as required based on the dynamics of the project or as requested by the customer.